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The first step in maximizing your talent is to ensure you have the right people for the job. This sounds like a basic step. If you’re looking for a sales person, you look for someone who has experience in a sales role. If they’ve sold the types of products or services you deliver, even better. If they’ve been successful doing it for someone else, they’ll be successful doing it for you right?


Your business is unique. You have a unique culture and strategy. What you expect of a certain role might be very different than the expectations of another company, the people you’re hiring and even others in your own organization.


To maximize your success, our Define services include:


  • Job Descriptions: Create clearly defined descriptions of your job roles, how they fit within your organization, and how they enable your business strategy.

  • Competency Models: Define the capabilities / skills needed to successfully perform a role. These become the foundation for measure and grow efforts.

  • Career Paths: Develop progression paths to demonstrate how individuals can grow within their roles, and advance into increasing positions / responsibilities.

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