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Training & Development

Even the best and brightest of your people need to continue to grow and develop their skills. For example, they may:


  • Be new to a role and need to develop the skills needed for success.

  • Want to progress in their career and need to begin developing higher-level individual contributor, manager or leadership capabilities.

  • Need to learn about new products, systems, processes or strategies being driven within your organization.


With your performance management strategy in place, a comprehensive training strategy and associated programs are needed to help develop your people. Stratt Consulting’s Training & Development services can help you:


  • Define your overall training and development strategy including how you prioritize and create development programs, how you manage and share knowledge across your organization and how you manage and track your employees’ development.

  • Analyze, design, build and launch individual training courses or programs that help your people develop their skills. These could include e-learning delivery, live instructor-led programs, blended approaches, video-based efforts or Web 2.0 approaches that develop communities and drive collaboration.

  • Create an assessment strategy to measure individual success with training offerings, as well as overall performance and success of your development initiatives.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your Training & Development strategy and programs.

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